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Friday, May 13, 2005

Final Ode to Meghan...

So for those of you who have known me for a few years, definately know my roommate. Meghan L. Morris. And if you know Meghan, then you know how funny she is. The best part of Meghan's funnyness though, is that she hardly ever actually means to be funny. Back when we lived in the dorms, and when I actually had free time in college, I used to keep track of all the funny things Meg would say. Then I would dedicate my AIM profile to her on a weekly basis and list the funniest things she said all week.

So there's the background info. Skip ahead a couple years to tonight when I was packing up my house in order to move out this weekend. I found the collection of "meghanisms". So what better way to say farewell to my roomie and best friend of four years, then by posting allll her funny sayings here. (note: this will be much funnier if you actually know meghan and can picture her tone of voice and her facial expressions...)

"Is she doing this without me??" --meg talking to her pilates tape that she pressed 'play' on, and then got distracted

"That looks good" --me
"Who's Alex Good?" --meg

"Julie, remember when we were too big to both fit on the bed together?" --meg
"um, we were never too big to fit on the bed together" --me
"I know...I just wanted to reminice" --meg

"But Meghan, that would be stealing!" --me
"Julie, I know all about devience" --meg

"I like, slept with my gloves because they're my friends" --meg

"You sound like a pamphlet" --meg

"I'm gonna be a professional butt-shaker!" --meg

"My feet smell like straw" --meg

"Thank goodness gracious me-oh-my!" --meg

"I think it's true...we are just one big ball of confusion!" --meg

"smell my lips" --meg

"Everything I do has some form of stupidity to it" --meg

"Is it cold out?" --me
"I'm Meghan!" --meg

"Ya know how strawberries kinda taste like hair?" --meg

"What was that restaurant we went to? I will always remember...what was it called?" --meg

"I was impressed with the appleage" --meg

"I'm healthy as a beaver!" --meg

"I smell like an M&M" --meg

"Do you have a centimeter?" --meg

"But I am the dumb mass of the world!" --meg

"Heeey, give me back my head!" --meg

"I can't get over the cuteness of eating cake because you're smart" --meg

"I can't stop smelling myself" --meg

"You used to swivel" --meg to our lamp. very seriously.

"I like to pretend it's mashed potatoes and gravy..and then I squish my feet into them!" --meg talking about slush

"We could eat worms instead of peanuts and not be fat! What are we thinking??" --meg

"I hate it when exaggerations go wrong!" --meg

"Don't you love how your feet fit together?" --meg

"Be good, be good, be good! You better be good!" --meg to a clementine. also very seriously.

"I used to have a crush on Mr. that sad or what?" --meg

"Did I just wink at you?? Oh I'm so cute!" --meg

"is this whole movie in black and white?" --me
"no, it's just night time" --meg

"We all know i'm gonna be the man of the house!" --meg

"it's like a sprinkle of joy!" --meg, in reference to eating pixie stix by hitting them against your teeth so the sugar doesn't pour down her throat and choke her

"Can i feel your earlobe?" --meg

"seriously...thinking sucks" --meg

"what are you doing?" --me
"writing my paragraph" --meg

"you'd think there'd be one nice person in the two of us" --meg

"i have big ears today!" --meg

"Julie...I do NOT approve being made a mockery of" --meg

"I'm sorry...I forget that that's gross" --meg

"be amazing! be amazing!" --meg yelling to the losing team at the very end of the superbowl

"I'm Meghan, I'm supposed to be different" --meg

"He looks so cute!" --meg to any guy over 70

"mmm, they smell good in the oven! I wanna crawl in there and curl up with the pancakes!" --meg

"wanna smell my turkey?" --meg

"I just said excuse me to my pencil" --meg

"This is the only reality TV show I actually watch 'cause she makes me feel smart" --meg, in reference to Jessica Simpson on 'Newly Weds'

"Aw, it's so cute when houses are dressed up for halloween!" --meg

"She's what makes girls look dumb! I like her." --meg

"I just cooked my cookbook!" --meg

"I wish dogs stayed floppy forever" --meg

"I was walking by a squirell who was freshly murdered on the pavement" --meg

"I got my cognitive psych paper back today" --kris
"What was it on?" --meg
"Logical reasoning" --kris
"Oh, I dont' do that." --meg

"I'm not an observant person. I've come to terms with that." --meg

"yes. I crack up over type-o's. I am a dork." --meg

"you made me rip out a hair that wasn't mine!" --meg. after pulling a hair out from her head.

"Theodore Roosevelt was the only President to be blind in one eye" --meg reading a snapple fact
"Which one?" --joe
"Theodore Roosevelt!!" --meg

"that's my tear thing!" --meg

"my dad said the blue ones taste like candles and i said, 'you're a jerk'" --meg

"I try so hard to make sense for you" --meg

"I went to hooters with Julie...she got drunk and I got grilled cheese" --meg

"my fooot hurts" --meg (in a british accent)
"your foot?" --me
"no, my fooot" --meg (in a british accent again)
"oh, why are we English?" --me
"I don't know" --meg (still in a british accent)

"That was a bust!" --meg

"What a foof!" --meg

Oh Meg...I'm really gonna miss you next year!!


  • Aww!! I laughed so hard reading those! I miss you guys!!!

    (and i made the list, whoohoo)

    By Anonymous Kris Carr, at May 29, 2005 at 4:04 PM  

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