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Monday, May 02, 2005


I shouldn't even be updating this right now...I should just be sleeping. But I'm still waiting for Willow to call for a ride home, so I guess this'll keep me awake just a bit longer... Anyway, this past weekend was another very eventful weekend. On Friday, Willow's Mom and I made a last minute decision to drive to Potsdam for the day to see the last 2 softball games we'd be able to see. And I'm SO glad we did. Willow hit a homerun that I was finally there to see!! And both her parents were there too, so that was awesome. The nukes played great in general and they beat Potsdam in both games! So then after the game I went to a great mexican restaurant in town with Willow's mom. Damn did they have good margaritas:-)

So it was a little crazy to go to Potsdam for the day because we didn't get back until 11:00pm and then I had to START on a 15 page paper. Well, with the help of coffee I ended up getting the paper done by 5:30 and was still able to sleep for a few hours! wahoo! On Saturday Kris Carr came to visit and we went to the sheldon leaders 12-hour relay. That was actually more fun than I expected it to be! I definately feel like I bonded more with all the sheldon leaders that were there, and we had a great time playing "fuck, chuck, or marry" and "would you rather.." haha...maybe I learned a little TOO much about some of these people;-) Then, after not getting much sleep again Saturday night, I had to get up wayyy too early on Sunday morning to go to the ropes course at Keuka college with ODK. That was also more fun than I expected it to be. It was definately the best group that I've ever done a ropes course with!! No fighting or tears or anything! haha... But I'm just so glad it worked out that we went 'cause that was one of my biggest goals for ODK in the beginning of the year. And I feel so good about the new officers who are taking over for me next year. They're gonna make me proud, I just know it.

Aside from the extra-curricular busyness stuff that's been going on, it kinda hit me today how much school work I still have to do before I graduate. And how little time I have to do it. I only have 4 more classes left of my entire undergraduate college career. whoa. But I made a "to do" list of all the work I have to do by the end of next week, and it's quite long. Most of it is thesis stuff that I have to finish...but I also have another big paper that I've been procrastinating on, a 5 page essay take-home final, a presentation to do tomorrow, and an actual final to take. On a happy note though - there are some good things to look foward to as well. For starters, this friday is the bridge street run!!! aww yeah:-) I got my white t-shirt already and everything! And I took a break from working to go to the shed with Willow for dinner. I realized I really hadn't been to the shed in a very long time... But I haven't lost my touch at darts 'cause I still beat Willow! phew! And I was even a good girl and didn't drink much so I could come home and do more work. Aren't you proud mom?

Oh yeah, last thursday we went to Spirits again in Syracuse. I hadn't been there in forever! It was definately fun being there with Willow...but other people still had drama going on. I don't miss the drama. And Ryan came with us too though, that was fun!

Ok, getting too tired now, and my shoulder really hurts. Chris Thuman - I love you man, but you're heavy! haha... 'night folks!


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