Here we go again....

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Eventful Weekend!

Well I went back to UConn again this weekend! I met up with my future roomie's Meg and Josh and we had a great time:-) I started off bonding with Meg on the ride down, and then we met Josh at the Union at UConn to find the sites of our offices for next year. We separated for a little bit to eat lunch with our bosses (read: free lunch with great people!) Then we met up again to go to the co-op to stock up on some Husky spirit and still had time to drive around Manchester and check out one of the apartment complex's a day early! For dinner we went back to Boston where Josh lives to meet his girlfriend Sarah, who was also awesome. We did tourist-y things like ate dinner at Cheers, walked around the Quincy Market area, and then had desert at The Cheesecake Factory! (satisfied Meg? haha) It was all very fun.

Then we woke up nice and early (for me at least) Saturday morning to drive back to Manchester to check out the other apartment complex we're interested in. Both apartment places were VERY nice, so I can't wait to find out where we'll be! And then we met up with a bunch of current HESA students for lunch. They were hilarious! They shared all sorts of funny stories with us and gave us some great tips and advice for next year. The more I see/talk to UConn people, the more excited I get to go there! :-)

This week has been pretty busy so far...but I've somehow managed to clean my entire house, including rearranging my entire room (I now have a BIG bed! yay!) instead of doing all the work I need to do. haha, senioritis much? I also watched most of the softball team's double header on Monday and they did a great job for the most part. (yay Willow and her homerun!) Tonight Ryan "wow-ed" everyone with a great magic show that benefited ODK, so that was fun!

Time to give up now and get some sleep...maybe I'll actually do some real work tomorrow. ha, who am i kidding...mug nite anyone? ;-)

peace out.

p.s. congrats Willow! -->

Friday, April 08, 2005

THIS is what college is all about....

Drinking and eating wings at 4pm on Friday afternoon with your co-worker and friends only to run into the faculty supervisor of the leadership honor society that you are student president of AT THE BAR. Then continuing to have a semi-professional, semi-serious conversation while actually being wasted. Then being wasted enough to confess that you're wasted to the faculty supervisor only to have her laugh at you and tell you to have fun.

Playing frisbee at the park while watching the sunset on a tuesday evening. With a professor that happened to be there. Then hanging out to talk for awhile after the sun went down. Seeing the "Northern Lights" on the lake. Calling the northern lights a party boat, canada, ghosts, and ice chunks before figuring out that they are the northern lights. Finally leaving the park to play a couple games of darts at the Shed and sharing a pitcher.

Skipping out of work early to drive an hour and a half with g-baby's mom to see the softball team play a double-header against SUNY IT. Having a great heart-to-heart chat on the drive there. Watching two incredible games where Oswego kicked butt! Socializing with the players here and there during the game...and getting winks from a special one;-) Then more great bonding with "mom" on the drive back including getting sung to.

All this just in the past week. This is what I will remember. This is what I will miss.