Here we go again....

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Yay UConn!

I just have to say again how excited I'm getting for grad school next year. Since I accepted my assistantship I joined a listserv for all the HESA students, and people have been sending e-mails like crazy introducing themselves, looking for roommates, and offerring help with finding housing, etc. These people are GREAT! We've also been exchanging screen names so I've gotten to talk to a few of the people who will be in my cohort so that's fun. I just can't wait to meet everyone again though and jump into everything involved with the program! I'm also starting to look into apartments near UConn and there seem to be a few really nice (and fairly cheap) options! wahoo!

Ok, enough about that. I'm at work right now and pretty bored so I figured I'd update this again. It's so nice outside I would much rather be there though. But no, I have another meeting at 4:00 today, and then an ODK meeting at 5:30. yuck. Why can't this semster just be over yet?? Wait...I don't really want that to happen either. So torn...

Well, sorry for the boring update, but I don't really know what else to say. The weather is good. Life is good. It's all good:-) peace out.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

ok, ok, stop yelling!

Yeah yeah, I know I suck at updating this thing. Quit yer bitchin'.

Ok, so I guess the most important update since last time, is that I got into grad school!! Not only did I go interview at UVM, but I was also invited to interview at UConn (University of Connecticut) for their program as well. That was a crazy week 'cause the interviews were right after another, but they both went very well! Well enough, in fact, that I was accepted at both places! I was offerred a better assistantship at UConn though, so I accepted that deal. Which means....I'm now a Husky!! yay!! I'm going to a school that actually cares about sports! That might be fun. Anyway, the program itself seems amazing (it's for Higher Education and Student Affairs) and my assistantship is in the deptartment of student activities, student development with a track in leadership development! It will pay full tuition, plus give me a stipend of $18K for 9 months of working 20 hours a week. (which really means that they're paying me to go to grad school. rock on.) Also, it's a fairly new assistantship, which means I have a lot of freedom to plan my own leadership development programs for all levels of undergrads. Um, can we say my dream job?? That's pretty much exactly what I want to do when I grow up. Whoa...I guess that means I'm kinda grown up now huh? weird. Let's not think about that.

So now that I have that burden off my shoulders, senioritis has officially kicked in. I'm only taking 3 classes anyway, but it's been so hard to care about any of them. And luckily I finished my thesis over spring break ( least the rough draft) 'cause I don't even care about that anymore either. Ah well... I've been having fun at the bars, and i'm getting real good at playing darts:-) And the weather has been great recently, so I'm really just enjoying my last couple months in Oswego. It's definately hitting me that I'm leaving soon, and I'm actually getting pretty sad about it.

I'm going home this weekend, which I'm excited about. Emily is throwing a "dinner party" at her house on Friday. Isn't that cute? Lots of people will be there though since it's easter weekend, so I'm really excited to see everyone! And then I'm hanging out with Robin on Saturday! yay! And Willow's coming home with me, so that will be fun. The 3 of us are gonna go "clubbing" or something in Albany Saturday night so that should be funny. ha.

That's all for now, 'cause I really should be getting some work done. oops. I'll maybe try to update this again sometime before I graduate. maybe. peace out.

P.S. shout-out to my Geee Babeee;-)