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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Life is Good:-)

I know, I'm still horrible at this whole updating thing. Oh well. For the most part lately life has been going very well! On the dorky side, i'm extremely happy because I got my first call to go interview at one of the grad school's that I applied to!! I will be going to UVM (Vermont) on March 6-7 to interview for the grad program in student affairs and the assistantships that I applied for:-) Also on the dorky side, I got invited into Phi Kappa Phi (an honor society based on GPA) and I got nominated for the Chancellor's Award for Student Excellence (the highest award offered to students within the SUNY system)! crazy huh? I guess that's what I get for being a dork for so long....

Socially life has been very good too, for the most part... Can't go into details 'cause it's too personal for blogger quite yet, but hopefully I can elaborate later. I've had a lot more free time this semester because of my easy schedule, so I've been going out a lot with some fun people and certainly getting to know my share of bar tenders, haha. And I'm completely addicted to the wings at the Shed. It's horrible. If I go more than a week without them I start craving them.

I know this is a really boring update, but I guess my life has been sort of boring lately. In a good way mostly. I mean, this is certainly an improvement from the drama of last semester!

peace out for now:-)

p.s. new favorite song: "Beautiful Soul" by Jesse McCartney


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