Here we go again....

Friday, January 28, 2005

Last one about the cars...i promise!

It's time to change my AIM profile again, but I didn't want to lose the great list that I had in there, so I figured I'd permanately post it here:

Things found in my old car when I cleaned it:
2 frisbees
3 golf balls (orange, pink, and green)
Denny's mug
2 Denny's menus (different ones)
red CVS vest
"Ladies" room sign from Great Escape
Twister game
"Danger: Men working above" sign
glass plate from starbucks
"Hudson Ave" street sign
"women's" bathroom sign from starbucks
golf club
british flag
5 year old box of Kraft Mac & Cheese
caution tape
zoob toys from Denny's
Denny's travel directory
high school yearbook from 2000 (my junior year)
plastic hanger
turquoise fabric scarf with black polka dots

Just don't ask people...don't even ask! haha.


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